The Highest Quality from Concept to Creation.

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Jewelry Design Consultation

The creative process begins with a consultation with one of our talented designers. Together you will go through photos from our portfolio selecting desired gems and materials. After these selections, your designer will present you several sketches of your creation. This is the first step in bringing your personal jewelry piece to life.

3D Rendering of Design

3D Rendering of Design

Upon sketch approval, our computer-aided design (CAD) software will help you visualize what your finished creation will look like. During the CAD rendering process, you can request modifications to compare what different stone sizes and other factors may look like. The 3D rendering will provide a close to exact portrayal of the end result.


Wax Modeling + Material Sourcing

With approval of the 3D rendering the designer will create a 3D wax model, which is a life-sized replica with precise dimensions of your custom piece. During this phase, you can still request any final changes. Finally, all chosen materials are sourced and all diamonds are reviewed in depth for carat, color, clarity and cut ( The 4 Cs). If you have a preference for colored gemstones, you can choose from our vast collection.

Creation Of Jwelery


Now that you approved the wax model and all selected materials have been sourced, the final step begins: Creation. In the design center, our professional craftsmen use traditional skills and techniques to complete the finished jewelry design including the setting of all gemstones. The custom casting is then sanded and polished, removing any rough or dull areas. The customer piece is then brought to a final bright polish resulting in an original one-of-a-kind personal jewelry creation that will last lifetimes.