Founded in 2020

E.E.E Jewelry is a new concept creative designer Jewelry brand
that features unique designs under the slogans of
Eternity, Endless, and Essential and allows custom made orders.

When we started E.E.E, we wanted to disrupt the traditional jewelry shopping experience to challenge our clients imagination and creativity to design their own personal one-of-a-kind custom pieces, rather than just pick jewelry out of a catalogue. We believe every piece of jewelry should tell a story and at E.E.E we make that possible. What inspired your story? An experience, a loved one, nature, beautiful architecture? An experience, a loved one, nature, beautiful architecture? We can help you translate your vision into beautiful custom jewelry. We personally guide you each step of the way from concept to completion as you select from the finest quality diamonds and gemstones to bring your story and design to life…

E.E.E is committed to excellence in providing quality precision jewelry. Our philosophy is: If you can dream it, we can make it.

Meet the Designer


Born in Japan, Jerry ‘O’ is the Founder and Chief Designer at E.E.E.

In 1995 O became passionately interested in jewelry design. After many years of experience designing in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea and China — O established E.E.E in 2020.

O travels the world expanding his design talents by staying trend conscious. His commitment to excellence, unique ideas and designs are due to his knowledge of materials. Knowing lines and radiance can only be achieved with certain materials. While incorporating vintage designs from various regions, O continues to produce novel and sophisticated custom jewelry.

“I’ve seen many fashionable yet obsolete designs, but I have yet to find one design unique enough for my passion. I established E.E.E to create ingenious designs that recognize trends and infuse originality incorporating the handed down traditional trending design in appearance, but also the invisible details.” Jerry ‘O’